Kazuyoshi Kobayashi, Chairman
Mitsuru Omomo, President

Corona Corporation was established in 1937 as a manufacturer of kerosene cooking stoves. In the intervening years, we have grown to become the leading manufacturer of kerosene heating appliances.

Throughout our history, we have continued to develop technology in keeping with the founding spirit characterized by the motto "Sincerity and Hard Work." Having benefitted from our more than 80 years of experience manufacturing products that contribute to a healthy and comfortable living environment, we have since expanded our business to encompass housing equipment, air conditioning equipment and household appliances.

In recent years, corporations and their customers have had to contend with a rapidly changing economic environment. As a result, we have come to recognize that our continued growth and development requires our ongoing commitment to creating value by addressing our customers' needs.

With gratitude for the support provided by our customers, business partners, and others, we have built on our track record as well as the confidence we have gained in prevailing during a turbulent era. The Corona Group remains dedicated to developing and providing new heights of well-being under our brand slogan, "Corona -- Creating a new level of comfort."

In addition, we are acknowledging our corporate responsibility by continuing to emphasize the so-called ESG initiatives of environmental conservation, contributing to society, and governance. We remain focused on contributing to the emergence of a society committed to sustainability and providing new value by pursuing business objectives that seek to address the increasingly diverse issues facing society.

We look forward to your continued support as we pursue these commitments and objectives.

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